Our road bikes

For the mileage focused cyclist

Our STEVENS or BMC road bikes are available for everyone, even if you are not a guest at the Hotel Costa Calero.

All our bikes are equipped with a speedometer, a pump, a spare inner tube, two tire levers, as well as two bottle holders. Please bring your own shoes, helmet, and pedals. We offer the Look Classic, SPD MTB, and flat padels.

Our rental costs (costs are per day):

1-2 days
from 23 EUR
  • Alloy 105 23 EUR
  • Alloy Ultegra 25 EUR
  • Carbon 105 25 EUR
  • Carbon Ultegra 28 EUR
  • Trofeo Ultegra 30 EUR
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3-5 days
from 18 EUR
  • Alloy 105 18 EUR
  • Alloy Ultegra 19 EUR
  • Carbon 105 20 EUR
  • Carbon Ultegra 22 EUR
  • Trofeo Ultegra 25 EUR
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6 days + day of arrival
from 15 EUR
  • Alloy 105 15 EUR
  • Alloy Ultegra 17 EUR
  • Carbon 105 18 EUR
  • Carbon Ultegra 20 EUR
  • Trofeo Ultegra 21 EUR
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Extra day
from 13 EUR
  • Alloy 105 13 EUR
  • Alloy Ultegra 14 EUR
  • Carbon 105 15 EUR
  • Carbon Ultegra 17 EUR
  • Trofeo Ultegra 18 EUR
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13 days + day of arrival
from 13 EUR
  • Alloy 105 13 EUR
  • Alloy Ultegra 14 EUR
  • Carbon 105 15 EUR
  • Carbon Ultegra 17 EUR
  • Trofeo Ultegra 18 EUR
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The frame sizes are 47 / 48 / 51 / 54 / 56 / 58 / 60.

Let us know if you need any help finding the right size for you.

STEVENS Stelvio Alloy

With almost 2000 meters of elevation gain the Stelvio Alpine pass denies passage to everyone who has too few gears. The STEVENS Stelvio, with our signature race geometry and Shimano’s 105 compact drivetrain, ensures you to make it to the top. The stiff yet compliant carbon fork and the reliable brakes provide well controlled descending at any given speed. Plus, its meant for more road bike enthusiasts as ever – thanks to 9 gradual frame sizes.

STEVENS Aspin Alloy

Shimano’s brand new Ultegra 11 speed gruppo and the lightweight STEVENS Aspin frame are a perfect match: reliable in any situation for years and years to come. Contemporary design but not too trendy, light yet not twitchy. With the compact drivetrain and 11 sprockets in the rear wheel you are ready to conquer any mountain.

STEVENS Izoard Carbon

At the 2017 Tour de France the Col d’Izoard was the finish of a spectacular mountain stage. And we are convinced that this fully redesigned 2200-Euro-class carbon racer would have shown a great performance up there. With up-to-date frame technology and sophisticated specs like Shimano Ultegra semi-compact group, DT-Swiss wheels plus 25mm Continental tires. Just try it!

STEVENS Xenon Ultegra Carbon

What is it that makes this road bike a guaranteed success? For once the smartly designed Xenon frame, weighing less than 900g (2lbs) with optimized STW ratio. Below the paintjob meticulously crafted carbon fibers makes sure that handling is nimble, comfort is perfect and speed is high in the sprint. Changing between the 2×11 gears literally is a flick of the switch with Shimano’s completely new ultra-precise Ultegra Di2 electronic shifting group. Just a nice little click and off you go! Now it’s clear why STEVENS pros are so successful.

STEVENS Trofeo Carbon

Made for Ironmen and Ironwomen.

When all is about getting to the finish line or to the transition zone the fastest way possible, literally everything on this bike has to be tailored to this task: Speed! That’s why the Super Trofeo’s aero shaped frame tubes so effortlessly cut the hostile wind. That’s why those integrated brakes and high-profiled wheels let the wind pass so smoothly. That’s why brake and shift cables are hidden within the frame. That’s why Profile Design’s cockpit puts the rider in the perfect aero position. And that’s why Shimano’s new Ultegra 11 speed gruppo and your well-trained legs ensure you go even faster in every single gear.

BMC Teammachine

The Teammachine has won them all; the Tour de France, the Olympics, World Championships, and grueling Classics. Despite its success, we haven’t been resting on our laurels: to stand still means being overtaken – to remain at the top, the best must evolve. To bring you the new Teammachine, we pushed the boundaries of advanced cycling technology. Its creation has been all-encompassing.

BMC Granfondo 105 Alloy


The Granfondo 105 has already earned a lot of praise for the sophisticated concept of being a quiet, supremely comfortable bike – ideal for the spring classics. Despite top suspension and cushioning, it allows its rider a sporty-comfortable position with full pressure on the pedals.