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MTB Tour Lanzarote

[vc_row][vc_column][fildisi_title]Vulcan Bike roundtrip on Lanzarote[/fildisi_title][vc_column_text text_style=”leader-text”]Powered by[/vc_column_text][fildisi_empty_space height_multiplier=”2x”][vc_column_text]With our GPS tracks you won’t get lost. If you haven’t have one you can rent a GPS computer from us.

Accommodations in small villages along the route are already set. Here, you can discover typical dishes and get to know the Canarian way of life.

We offer you the opportunity to adapt this tour to your personal level. Probably the best option is a 5 day trip, if you need a little more time you can spread the tour on 6 or 7 days. In case you are looking for a big challenge, you can do it within 4 days (caution: only for very experienced cyclists). You can also choose whether you want a guided tour or cycle by yourself. Each stage, no matter which length of tour you choose, has already been elaborated.

We do recommend to use our luggage transport service between the accommodations.

Once all the checkpoints we have indicated have been hit, the reward is a fancy Vulcan bike jersey.

At the end of the tour, it is worth spending a few more days exploring the places that impressed you the most on the route, or visiting other places of interest for which you have not had time before.

Also for your companions there are many activities along the route, no matter which age they are.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_tta_accordion active_section=”1″ heading=”h3″][vc_tta_section title=”Vulcan Bike Tour Classic” tab_id=”1525810808967-e9109e3c-1523″][fildisi_title heading_tag=”h4″ heading=”h4″]Classic tour within 5 days[/fildisi_title][vc_column_text]This is the most balanced way to do the Route. There are two stages which are quite long, the first and the fourth, but all of them are designed such that they never seem eternal and to ensure that you have time to enjoy the areas you will be riding through. Even if you are authentic “pros” you will enjoy having a bit of time to relax on the beaches, dive, surf or any of the other many activities.[/vc_column_text][fildisi_empty_space][fildisi_single_image image=”369″][fildisi_empty_space][fildisi_image_text image=”357″ image_text_align=”right” video_popup=”image” title=”Stage 1: Puerto del Carmen-Orzola” heading_tag=”h5″ heading=”h5″]64 km / 350 climb

One shouldn’t be too confident given the lack of elevation gain on this route. The route is demanding. There are a few technical spots which will slow down our speed. We will cross the most populated area of the island, including the capital, Arrecife. We will also travel along solitary and exciting paths and trails. We will cross beautiful villages such as Guatiza, Arrieta or Punta Mujeres and then we’ll have our first contact with lava in the slags of the northern Corona volcano. The beauty and the sights will compensate for the challenges.[/fildisi_image_text][fildisi_empty_space][fildisi_image_text image=”364″ image_text_align=”right” video_popup=”image” title=”2 Stage: La Graciosa” heading_tag=”h5″ heading=”h5″]30 km / 330 climb

Yes, we understand it’s only 30 kms and little elevation change. A route a pro could do in less than 2 hours. But friends… are in the Graciosa, a place which merits at least a day of your lives.

It’s a short stage given the limited terrain of the Graciosa Island, but due to its uniqueness and beauty it is an obligatory visit. Perfect days to forget the world, to enjoy your bike, to enjoy the beaches, to do some water sports like kite surfing or diving, etc. or to relish in the tastes of the Canarian gastronomy.

It is also good for us to relax a bit before taking on the two most demanding stages of the Vulcan Bike.[/fildisi_image_text][fildisi_empty_space][fildisi_image_text image=”365″ image_text_align=”right” video_popup=”image” title=”Stage 3: Orzola – Famara” heading_tag=”h5″ heading=”h5″]50 km / 1.400 climb

This is the most “alpine” stage of the Vulcan Bike. Today we are going to ride through the highest area of the island. If the highest point of Lanzarote is only 700 meters above sea level, the elevation accumulated on this route is going to triple that number given the ascents and descents we are going to do.
It isn’t a long stage, but the constant transition between ascents and descents makes it a difficult day. The challenges we are going to face will be compensated tenfold by the spectacular landscape we are going to be experiencing along the journey.[/fildisi_image_text][fildisi_empty_space][fildisi_image_text image=”366″ image_text_align=”right” video_popup=”image” title=”Stage 4: Famara – Playa Blanca” heading_tag=”h5″ heading=”h5″]68 km / 700 climb

On this stage we will see that the name, “Vulcan Bike” is very appropriate. This is the day with the most kilometres along the route during which we will cross through various lava areas, one being the amazing Timanfaya National Park. If you want to see something similar you will have to go to Hawaii….yourself. Following this lava “hell” we will cross the quaint village called Yaiza and we will finish the route in Playa Blanca at the south of the island.[/fildisi_image_text][fildisi_empty_space][fildisi_image_text image=”367″ image_text_align=”right” video_popup=”image” title=”Stage 5: Playa Blanca – Puerto del Carmen” heading_tag=”h5″ heading=”h5″]35 km / 700 climb

Welcome to the wonderful land of Los Ajaches. Today the stage is short, but the expression “short but intense” could be the name of the route. Don’t be confused by the small number of kilometres. We are going to have to put all of our skills into action to overcome the challenges we are going to encounter on this route.
To finish the Vulcan Bike there is no better finale than the most inhospitable and wild terrain of the entire island (with permission of the Timanfaya volcano!) to truly enjoy the best mountain biking has to offer. There are a number of ascents and descents, paths, single track trails and many technical spots. If you aren’t a pro rider, don’t worry, what you can’t do “in the saddle” you can do walking. No one will be watching.[/fildisi_image_text][vc_column_text]The Ajaches are a mountainous ridge at the south of the island which together with the Famara cliff are the oldest areas of Lanzarote. These two areas are several million years old. The highest point just passes 600 meters above sea level, however, we won’t ride above the 200 meter line. Due to erosion, its ancient volcano is hardly visible. Its location parallel to the sea and its millions of years of erosion which have created a number of ravines reaching the sea make it a difficult terrain to ride through. There are no roads and the paths can’t free themselves of the extensive erosion. Being at the south of the island, the aridity is extreme.

The number of ravines and the veritable solitude are going to put our cycling skills to test. Without a doubt this stage is the perfect finale to the Vulcan Bike.[/vc_column_text][fildisi_empty_space][fildisi_button button_text=”nonbinding inquiry” button_link=”|||”][fildisi_empty_space][/vc_tta_section][vc_tta_section title=”Vulcan Bike Tour Plus” tab_id=”1525812387578-e27ce7f4-7046″][fildisi_title heading_tag=”h4″ heading=”h4″]The plus version within 5 days[/fildisi_title][vc_column_text]Total: 269Kms (Including the final stage on the inland of La Graciosa: 299Kms) climb of 5750m (Includind the final stage of La Graciosa: 6100m).

This is a new version of VULCAN BIKE created for lovers of great challenges. We have tried to create a route avoiding as much asphalt as possible and seeking beautiful landscape in its place. As the stages progress, so does the fun!!

The Real Challenge!!!

Within this new route not only do we incur less asphalt, we have gained more kilometers and more mountain trails.

This is the 5 day option, but can be carried out in 4 days, if you do not include the final part of visiting the precious island of La Graciosa.

La Graciosa is the easiest stage of the route and cannot be changed due to the level of environmental protection that is subject to this small island, but…… as 99.9% of all our visitors have thoroughly enjoyed this little paradise island we highly recommend you take part in the adventure.

Should you decide to perform the “La Graciosa stage” it will take part as the 2nd stage, directly after Puerto Del Carmen-Orzola stage.

We would like to emphasize that due to the type of terrain, positive slopes and technical difficulties that can occur, this tour is only recommended for people of a high physical and healthy well being.

If you are concerned you will be unable to carry out such stamina that is required, we recommended the CLASSIC route, the slightly easier tour and one full of great beauty.

The PLUS version is carried out using GPS tracking system. There is no logbook etc. but each person will be provided with a sheet containing all the indicative information needed for each stage.[/vc_column_text][fildisi_empty_space][fildisi_single_image image=”371″][fildisi_empty_space][fildisi_image_text image=”377″ image_text_align=”right” video_popup=”image” title=”Stage 1: Puerto del Carmen – Orzola” heading_tag=”h5″ heading=”h5″]81 km / 1.650 climb[/fildisi_image_text][fildisi_empty_space][fildisi_image_text image=”376″ image_text_align=”right” video_popup=”image” title=”Stage 2: Orzola-Famara” heading_tag=”h5″ heading=”h5″]57 km / 1.700 climb[/fildisi_image_text][fildisi_empty_space][fildisi_image_text image=”378″ image_text_align=”right” video_popup=”image” title=”Stage 3: Famara – Playa Blanca” heading_tag=”h5″ heading=”h5″]79 km / 1.150 climb[/fildisi_image_text][fildisi_empty_space][fildisi_image_text image=”379″ image_text_align=”right” video_popup=”image” title=”Stage 4: Playa Blanca – Puerto del Carmen” heading_tag=”h5″ heading=”h5″]52 km / 1.250 climb[/fildisi_image_text][fildisi_empty_space][fildisi_image_text image=”364″ image_text_align=”right” video_popup=”image” title=”Recommendation: La Graciosa” heading_tag=”h5″ heading=”h5″]30 km / 330 climb[/fildisi_image_text][fildisi_empty_space][fildisi_button button_text=”nonbinding inquiry” button_link=”|||”][fildisi_empty_space][/vc_tta_section][/vc_tta_accordion][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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